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Accelerated Reader Book Recommendations for Parents

Encouraging your K-12 child to challenge themselves with Accelerated Reader (AR) goals every trimester during the school year is very desirable for every parent and teacher. However, finding the right books for their purposes, current reading levels, and maximum reading levels can be very challenging on its own! Parents, no worries! We've got you covered!

Welcome to the FREE (no strings attached) app called the BookJar. The BookJar app allows you (the parent) to help your child find the right books for their Accelerated Reader (AR) goals within a few seconds! Download the FREE app for iphone or android phone today!

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No more going through paper catalogs or surfing the book sites to learn about AR points and reading levels. Download our FREE app and try out with your child. It's that simple!

Your child earns cool badges every time they reach a milestone!